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OpenFOAM for Multiphysics Applications

At ICP the team «OpenFOAM for Multiphysics Applications» applies, extends and develops OpenFOAM based software to model and simulate Multiphysics problems for our partners.

Our young team consists of 3 - 4 scientific assistants and is lead by Gernot Boiger, lecturer of Multiphysics modelling at ICP.  We concern ourselves with simulation and model development for solving fluid dynamically dominated problems that feature a coupling to mechanics, thermo-, electro-, particle dynamics and/or chemical processes. In this context, we strive to achieve fast, simple, comprehensive and most of all, applicable solutions for our customers from industry.

Examples of our R&D activities include:

  • Thermo-, fluid dynamic modelling of wood gasification and combustion phenomena (see Fig. 1)
  • Highly resolved, transient 3D modelling of particle motion and deposition in automotive filter applications
  • Fluid dynamic optimization and/or behavioural prediction of machine parts used in the textile and pharmaceutical industry
  • Simulation based optimization of micro structured materials used for filtration and measurement applications
  • Multiphysics model development for the optimization of electro coating applications (see Fig. 2)
  • Thermo-, fluid dynamic simulation of fuel cell systems
  • Model development for depicting natural convection phenomena within copper electrolysis applications
  • Transient, thermal modelling of energy distribution within Skin layers for new skin cancer detection technology


For most of these research activities OpenFOAM is our tool of choice. «Open Field Operation And Manipulation» is an open source, C++ based, finite volume tool box to numerically solve partial differential equations within 3D domains. Even though OpenFOAM is now widely recognized as versatile, yet relatively bulky fluid dynamic software, we focus on its capacity to solve Multiphysics problems.

Even though the team has been but recently founded in July 2014, we have conducted and are conducting projects with quite a number of renown customers, such as: