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Task Force: Application of Big Data Analytic on Transmission System Dynamic Security Assessment


The Task Force Application of Big Data Analytic on Transmission System Dynamic Security Assessment belongs to the IEEE PES ​​Subcommittee on Big Data & Analytics for Power Systems and is part of the IEEE Power & Energy Society (IEEE PES).

The energy demand is continuously growing as result of a more digital and technological Society and energy transitions are pushing towards more sustainable societies demanding for modern and carbon-free energy grids.

Implementing measures to fulfil the energy demand mainly based on green energy sources involves technical and economic challenges such as dependency on cross border exchange, the reinforcement of the existing transmission capacity and the need of flexibility by means of creating new interconnections with border countries. As a consequence, the transmission system is becoming vulnerable and operates closer to its boundary conditions, hence becoming more difficult to operate in real time. Consequently, utilities require higher degree of observability in the network from of advance measuring infrastructure in order to improve the decision making and situational awareness of the transmission system.

Under this context, big data analytic (data mining, artificial intelligence and machine learning) unfolds new opportunities to develop sophisticated online and offline dynamic security assessment tools, particularly in bulk power systems where transmission system operators are struggling to cope with expanding data flows and computational demands.

Mission and Scope

Our task force pursues several goals. The following points describe what the Task Force will do in the coming years.

Planned Activities

The following activities are planned for the upcoming years:

Furthermore, several reports are scheduled for the future:

Upcoming Activities

In the coming weeks and months the following points are on the agenda of our task force:

  • 07 September 2020: Virtual Workshop DynPower
  • October 2020: Virtual Workshop, organized by Tianjin University
  • End of 2020: Report 1 “Data handling on transmission systems: A survey of needs for transmission utilities to understand they current issues related with continuous grow of data in control rooms”

Past Activities

Our task force was only founded in the summer of 2020. In the following all activities that have happened since then:

Core Members

Name Institution Country
Mario Paolone EPFL Switzerland
Hjörtur Jóhannsson DTU Denmark
Marcos Netto National Renewable Energy Laboratory USA
Venkat Krishnan National Renewable Energy Laboratory USA
Yingchen Zhang National Renewable Energy Laboratory USA
Yoshihiko Susuki Osaka Prefecture University Japan
Simon Tindemans TU Delft Netherlands
Jose Luis Rueda Torres TU Delft Netherlands
Jochen Cremer Imperial College London UK
Federica Bellizio Imperial College London UK
Balarko Chaudhuri Imperial College London UK
Mingyang Sun Zhejiang University China
Yajun Wang Dominion Energy USA
Robert Eriksson Svenska Kraftnät Sweden
Rusejla Sadikovic Swissgrid Switzerland
Mats Larsson ABB Corportate Research Switzerland
Hector Chavez University of Santiago de Chile Chile


If you are interested in the work of this group and want to receive information about the upcoming activities, please contact any of the officers of the Task Force.

Officers of the Task Force

The management of the Task Force consists of an international team of four people.