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OpenFOAM for Multiphysics Applications

At ICP the team «OpenFOAM for Multiphysics Applications» applies, extends, and develops OpenFOAM-based software for developing products and processes supported by simulations.

About us

Our dynamic team of around 10 people, led by Professor Gernot Boiger, consists of scientific assistants, scientific employees, and Ph.D. candidates. We concern ourselves with simulation and model development for solving fluid dynamically dominated problems that feature a coupling to mechanics, thermo-, electro-, particle dynamics, and/or chemical processes. To achieve application-relevant solutions for our partner we make use of the newest high-performance cloud computing solutions that allow us to realize parameter studies, optimizations, and ensemble computing in record time. Our main goal is to use state-of-the-art tools to develop well-founded, thorough, fast, comprehensible, and most of all applicable solutions for our partners. Our successes over the past ten years confirm our strategy.




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