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IEEE CertifAIEd Training


Next Training Session:

Dates: Monday, July 8 - Thursday July 11, 2024 (09:00 - 17:00 Mon/Tue/Wed, 09:00-12:30 Thu)

Place: On-site at ZHAW School of Engineering, Technikumstrasse 71, 8400 Winterthur

Language: English

About IEEE CertifAIEd

IEEE CertifAIEdTM is a certification program for assessing ethics of Autonomous Intelligent Systems (AIS) to help organizations to implement Trustworthy AI systems and obtain certification, which represents a committment for the delivery of trustworthy and ethical AIS to their users and customers.

Through certification guidance, assessment and independent verification, IEEE CertifAIEd offers the ability to scale responsible innovation implementations, thereby helping to increase the quality of AIS, the associated trust with key stakeholders, and realizing associated benefits. 

IEEE Authorized Assessors help guide organizations through a thorough review and examination of their AIS to determine its ethical risk and reward profile and conformance with relevant ethical criteria. 

After an IEEE Authorized Certifier performs an independent review and verification of the successful assessment, a certificate, and mark are granted.

The IEEE CertifAIEd Mark helps organizations demonstrate that they are addressing transparency, accountability, algorithmic bias, and privacy aspects, needed to build trust in their AIS. The mark:

Whatever an organization’s role in the development and delivery of AIS, it stands to gain from the responsible innovation-driven, human-centric, independent IEEE CertifAIEd assessment, certification, and mark.

IEEE CertifAIEd Assessor

By becoming an IEEE CertifAIEd Authorized Assessor, individuals will play a crucial role in guiding organizations towards ethical compliance and responsible AI innovation. Assessors will be able to offer ethical AI compliance services implementing the rigorous IEEE CertifAIEd criteria for ethical and trustworthy AI. The IEEE CertifAIEd Authorized Assessors role involves assessing and determining the ethical impact of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (AIS), culminating in conducting formal assessments for certification purposes. This role empowers individuals to contribute substantially to the advancement of responsible and trustworthy AI development.

The roadmap for becoming an IEEE CertifAIEd Authorized Assessor involves the following steps:

IEEE CertifAIEd Assessor Training

The IEEE CertifAIEd Assessor Training is organized by ZHAW's Centre for AI in collaboration with IEEE SA. It consists of a 3.5 day on-site training on the premises of ZHAW in Winterthur, Switzerland.



Schedule (preliminary):

Terms and Conditions

The registration is binding. A contribution towards expenses of CHF 100 will be charged for cancellations until June 30, 2024. Cancellations after June 30, 2024 and no-shows will not be refunded. To complete the registration, a license agreement with IEEE SA has to be signed by each participant. The license agreement specifies the appropriate use of IEEE CertifAIEd training material and IEEE Intellectual Property.

Data protection:

By submitting your registration, you agree that your contact details may be used in connection with this event. In particular, they may be shared with IEEE SA, e.g. for the purpose of signature of the license agreement. The organizer is granted permission to take photographs during the event and to use these photographs in connection with the event for public relations and documentation, both analogue and digital.