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Why doing your Masters studies at the CAI?

"Working as a research assistant at the CAI allows me to apply the interesting concepts I learned in the Masters' in Data Science to impactful projects and to shape the future of AI together with experts in the field."

Pascal Sager, CAI MSc Alumnus 2023

Are you ready to be part of the Artificial Intelligence revolution? A Master's degree at the ZHAW Centre for Artificial Intelligence (CAI) is the key to unleash your potential in today's most disruptive technology.

Launching the next leap in your career

We look for curious, professional, and action-driven individuals with a recent bachelor's degree in computer science or a related technical field interested in using AI to solve real-world challenges with state-of-the-art research methodology. During your MSc studies you will join an international, interdisciplinary team that includes computer scientists, engineers, neuroscientists, physicists, among others. This will give you direct exposure to the latest AI methods at the highest scientific level. Activities at the CAI are centred around five main research topics: Autonomous learning systems; Computer Vision, Perception and Cognition, Trustworthy AI, AI Engineering and Natural Language processing.

You can find some examples of our areas of focus and recent projects here: https://www.zhaw.ch/en/engineering/institutes-centres/cai/key-areas-of-research/.

MSc students are directly incorporated into one of our research groups and personally mentored by a senior researcher in that group. You can choose among the following groups :

MSc students at ZHAW have also the possibility of working as research assistants in combination with their studies. This gives the additional opportunity of getting involved in collaborative research projects on AI-based  innovation. Do not hesitate in contacting us if you are interested in working with us.

Who we are

The ZHAW Centre for Artificial Intelligence (CAI) brings together state-of-the-art research in AI and longstanding expertise at ZHAW in applied engineering and computer science with an extraordinary focus on educating the next generation of professionals methodically and as personalities. Together, we develop the next generation of AI systems in collaboration with an extensive network of academic and industrial partners. Dating back to 1878 and once counting Albert Einstein to its faculty members, the ZHAW is one of the largest multi-disciplinary universities of applied sciences in Switzerland, with over 14,000 students and around 3,400 employees.  Pursuing your MSc studies with us puts you at the heart of one of the most innovative regions of the world.

Applying for a Masters at the ZHAW CAI

Further information on the study programme can be found on the dedicated pages of the CAI.and the School of Engineering. Finished theses projects give you an insight into the work of our students, and the alumni page showcase how a career continues after studying with us.

To apply for one of the Master's study places, please officially register for the MSE. Indicate the "Centre for Artificial Intelligence (CAI)" as the institute and enclose a cover letter in which you indicate, among other things, which research group(s) at the CAI you are particularly interested in (and why, ideally referring to the group’s prior work).

If you want to apply for an assistant position at the CAI at the same time, please also note this in the cover letter and contact the  MSE-Advisor to the CAI, Ricardo Chavarriaga (ricardo.chavariaga@zhaw.ch)

"Do not hesitate in reaching out to me. As MSE-Advisor to the CAI I will be happy to answer your questions and explain the selection process."

Ricardo Chavarriaga, CAI MSE-Advisor