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THz Photonics

The THz Photonics team is part of the Organic Electronics and Photovoltaics group at the ZHAW Institute of Computational Physics (ICP). We are developing a terahertz (THz) system based on an all-organic approach to THz generation and detection. We are exploring the system for a variety of applications ranging from fundamental studies of THz-matter interactions to industrially relevant THz spectroscopy and imaging.

Custom-built, compact THz spectroscopy setup at ICP employing organic electro-optic crystals for ultra-broadband THz-wave generation and detection.

Our THz time-domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS) setup features a high time resolution (few femtoseconds) and an ultra-broadband spectrum up to 20 THz.

Polarization sensitive, ultra-broadband phonon-mode characterization at ICP. Measurements of the refractive index and absorption dispersion of various materials in the THz band.

The THz-TDS system at ICP is based on 1560 nm compact fiber lasers and features high frequency resolution (< 3 GHz) and excellent frequency accuracy as well as long-term stability.

The Figure shows the results of our broadband THz-TDS measurement of the water vapor absorption lines of air at room temperature at 30% relative humidity.

Diffraction-limited THz imaging.

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