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Day of Life Sciences

April 11/2019 - 11th Day of Life Sciences hosts Hydroxyanthracene Derivatives Symposium

Analysis, Safety, Quality and Efficacy in Herbal Medicinal Products

Organised by the Phytopharmacy and Natural Product Research Group it's dedicated to the Hydoxyanthracene Derivatives – a topic specially selected on the occasion of the 70th birthday of Prof. Beat Meier for honouring his outstanding scientific achievements in phytochemical analysis for the European Pharmacopoeia and the Swiss Pharmacopoeia as well as for various industrial applications.

The Hydroxyanthracene Derivatives Symposium will feature cutting-edge contributions about analysis, quality, safety and efficacy of this interesting phytochemical substance class. It will also provide a platform for dialogue and scientific knowledge transfer for participants from industry, regulatory bodies, academia or education.



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