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Research Group for Computational Environment


Understanding and shaping our environment is a fundamental need of humanity. As technology advances, our environment is being quantified on an ever-increasing scale, generating large amounts of diverse data such as weather and climate data, remote sensing and various sensor data but also text data. Generating knowledge and know-how from this wealth of data requires proven expertise in data science, machine learning and the modelling of complex systems, united under the framework of applied AI research. We have the theoretical knowledge and applied skills to bring the great progress in AI research to the world of environmental data.


We bring together the expertise and experience in:

  • Applied AI (deep learning and machine learning)
  • Modelling of complex systems
  • Data mining and exploratory analytics
  • Setting up and implementing complex interdisciplinary projects

Areas of application

Together with our partners we strive to solve problems in the domains of:


Ongoing master theses

Our research group includes teaching engagements at BSc and MSc level as well as in continuing education. Here are the master theses we are currently supervising:



Students in our team