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CCBIO - the Competence Center for Biocatalysis is embedded into the Centre for Biocatalysis and Process Technology at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.


Dr. Rebecca Buller

The center started operating in 2016 under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Rebecca Buller and tackles multidisciplinary research projects combining tools of chemistry and biology using the expertise of its members.

Before joining the ZHAW, Prof. Dr. Rebecca Buller was Laboratory Head and Project Manager at Firmenich, a flavour and fragrance company. In this role, she developed and optimized several biocatalysis based processes for the manufacture of asset molecules. Additionally, Prof. Dr. Buller brings in-depth knowledge of enzyme engineering through her academic research at ETH Zurich. Prof. Dr. Rebecca Buller received her Diploma degree in Chemistry from the University of Münster and studied at the University of California in Santa Barbara. She holds a PhD degree from the Institute of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences at ETH Zurich.

Steering Committee

Prof. Dr. Dieter Eibl

Leiter Fachstelle Bioverfahrenstechnik und Zellkulturtechnik (ZHAW)

Prof. Dr. Rainer Riedl

Leiter Fachgruppe Organische Chemie und Medizinalchemie (ZHAW)

Prof. Dr. Martin Sievers

Leiter Fachstelle Mikrobiologie und Molekularbiologie (ZHAW)

Advisory Board

From left to right: Dr. Hans-Peter Meyer, Prof. Dr. Roger Marti, Dr. Thomas Münch, Prof. Dr. Ruth Freitag, Dr. Andreas Taglieber, Prof. Dr. Donald Hilvert (Missing: Prof. Dr. Uwe Bornscheuer) Photo: Beat Gautschi