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Day of Life Sciences

The 10th Wädenswil Day of Life Sciences takes place on the 7th of June 2018 in Wädenswil.

Second Symposium of Industrial Biocatalysis

The Second Symposium of Industrial Biocatalysis will again host speakers from Switzerland and abroad who will talk about current challenges in the field.

We are happy to announce that the following speakers accepted our invitation:


First Network Meeting «Innovation in Biocatalysis» June 6th, 2018
Program flyer
Second Symposium of Industrial Biocatalysis June 7th, 2018
Program flyer
Advanced Tools for the Discovery and Engineering of Enzymes
for Biocatalytic Applications
Prof. Dr. Uwe Bornscheuer, University of Greifswald (D)
Harnessing Nature: Biocatalysis for Development and Drug Discovery Prof. Dr. Rebecca Buller, ZHAW (CH)
Enzyme shielding in a soft organo-silica layer: biopharma applications Dr. Yves Dudal, INOFEA AG (CH)
Biocatalysis from millilitres to cubic metres Dr. Emil Byström, SpinChem Umeå (S)
Engineering strategies towards more efficient biocatalytic cascades Dr. Selin Kara, Hamburg University of Technology (D)
Combining enzymatic decarboxylation with homogeneous catalysis –
tandem reactions for synthetic applications
Prof. Dr. Robert Kourist, TU Graz (A)
Novel enzymes for biocatalytic applications: Selective epoxide
ring-opening and lignin depolymerisation
Prof. Dr. Anett Schallmey, TU Braunschweig (D)
Linking photosynthesis and whole cell biocatalysis for C-H functionalization Prof. Dr. Andreas Schmid, UFZ Leipzig (D)
Biocatalysis in drug discovery and drug development at Novartis Dr. Radka Snajdrova, Novartis (CH)
Computational approaches to enzyme engineering using Rosetta/Cyrus Bench Dr. David Pearlman, CyrusBio (USA)
Biocatalytic Reductive Amination Prof. Dr. Nicholas Turner, University of Manchester (UK)
Artificial Metalloenzymes: Challenges and Opportunities Prof. Dr. Thomas Ward, University of Basel (CH)


  • Dr. Roland Wohlgemuth, Merck, Switzerland


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