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Summer School «Closing Cycles – From Idea to Market»

Experience Switzerland in two prime locations around Lake Zurich while immersing yourself into the science of technological development for closing energy and resource cycles.

Background and content

With the aim of closing energy and resource cycles, technological innovation is crucial for the implementation of new solutions. However, the development of new solutions typically takes many years and has to overcome a number of barriers, which put the technology at risk of failure to launch.

In the scope of this summer school, students will gain an understanding of the technological development stages «from idea to market» and learn to design appropriate solutions to support implementation and uptake. The focus will be on technologies in the field of decentralized sanitation and wastewater treatment, nutrient recovery and renewable energies. Along this path, the students will acquire different skills, such as lab analysis, modelling and optimization, data analysis, concept development and proposal writing. Technical and analytical skills will be taught in parallel workshops. The group work focuses on concept and project development to demonstrate practical implementation. In the scope of the field trips, students will visit innovative start-ups and companies with the aim to give an insight into successfully implemented technologies in the market.


The summer school will take place in two prime locations around Lake Zürich in Switzerland:

ZHAW Campus Grüental offers extensive research and demonstration infrastructure with an array of state-of-art technologies for water and nutrient recycling as well as renewable energies. In the scope of the summer school, this infrastructure will serve for the workshops to gain practical experience in a research environment. In addition, Campus Grüental offers a variety of gardens and green spaces overlooking Lake Zürich and containing more than 5000 different plant species.

Synergy Village is a property with traditional houses surrounded by lush gardens and farmland. The location will serve as a case study for the group project and as accommodation for international students. The highlights of the place are a hidden magic grotto and a private lake access for swimming.

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