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Biogelx are a 3D biomaterials company with a core expertise in the development and manufacture of synthetic peptide hydrogels. The company’s novel patented peptide hydrogels can be chemically and mechanically modified to mimic different tissues and provide a cost effective, animal-free 3D matrix to support a range of exciting high growth applications within 3D cell culture and bioprinting.

The company offers a range of hydrogel platforms that are 3D, >95% water and have the same nanoscale matrix structure as human tissue. This gives control back to the cell biologist, as the gels can be controlled to meet the needs of any given cell type.


Biogelx expertise is supporting your ambitions. We can offer cell-matched peptide gels for a limitless variety of applications. You can select from the range of powder-based products we have ready for immediate delivery, which incorporate a variety of biomimetic peptide sequences (of fibronectin, laminin, or collagen) and can be tuned to match the stiffness of a variety of tissue types. Alternatively, you can choose to benefit from our custom gel design service. Our experts will work with you to identify the precise specification of gel your application demands. By sharing expertise, we can identify exciting development potential and opportunities for collaboration.  Biogelx is about more than the technology. We're passionate about working with others and supporting our customers. Supplying our collaborators with customized hydrogel solutions, we have impacted research in applications in the following areas:

• Bioprinting 
• Cell-based assays
• Toxicity screening
• Cancer model research
• Tissue Engineering and regeneration

If you have interests in any of these areas and think our tuneable hydrogel technology could be of benefit to you, get in touch to explore potential opportunities.



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Biogelx is an innovative, biomaterials company which designs and supplies peptide hydrogels for cell culture, precisely tuned to the requirements of the cell. Our cutting-edge products have applications in fundamental cell research, toxicology, and drug development, and may ultimately be translated to cell therapy or regenerative medicine. The chemical and physical properties of our hydrogels perfectly match the characteristics experienced by cells within tissues, thus enabling the study and manipulation of cells in a realistic 3D environment which is simple, fully defined and tuneable. Our product's unique cell-matching capabilities clearly provide academic users, medical researchers, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies with a serious alternative to competing 3D cell culture products.


Mitch Scanlan



Laura Goldie, PhD

Head of Technical Services


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Biogelx Ltd, BioCity Scotland, Bo'Ness Road, Newhouse, Lanarkshire, ML1 5UH, Scotland, UK

+44 (0) 1698 534655


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