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TEDD Visit to UPM Biomedicals and CSEM at Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area

UPM Biomedicals is the forerunner in producing high quality nanofibrillar cellulose for medical and life science applications. CSEM is an internationally recognized Swiss innovation leader that develops and transfers disruptive technologies with a high societal impact and multiple industry applications.


About UPM Biomedicals

UPM Biomedicals stands at the forefront of innovation in the production of high-quality nanofibrillar cellulose for medical and life science applications. With over 400 patents, birch pulp-derived nanofibrillar cellulose as a biomaterial sets new standards in biocompatibility, ease od use, and sustainability, offering a versatile foundation for a broad spectrum of scientific applications.

The 3D cell culture hydrogels and bioinks, GrowDex and GrowInk, closely mimic the extracellular matrix, supporting physiological cell functions and enabling the detailed study and modelling of both healthy and diseased tissue environments. Their seamless integration into research workflows, along with their animal-component-free composition, ensures a consistent, reproducible environment crucial for high-throughput screenings and 3D bioprinting, thereby boosting research efficiency and reliability.

Collaboration with global academic and industrial partners underscores UPM Biomedicals' commitment to pioneering solutions in tissue engineering, drug discovery, and personalized medicine, marking a significant shift towards more ethical, sustainable, and innovative research practices.


About CSEM

CSEM is a Swiss technology innovation center developing advanced technologies with a high societal impact, which it then transfers to industry to strengthen the economy. The non-profit orientated, public-private organization is internationally recognized, and works to support the disruptive activities of companies in Switzerland and abroad. CSEM operates in the domains of precision manufacturing, digitalization, and sustainable energy. To accomplish its mission as gateway between research and economy, CSEM's more than 600 employees from 46 countries collaborate with leading universities, scientific institutions, research institutes, and industrial partners. With its six sites in Allschwil, Alpnach, Bern, Landquart, Neuchâtel and Zurich, CSEM is active all over Switzerland.

CSEM is at the forefront of life sciences, combining engineering skills, biological understanding, and cutting infrastructure to revolutionize the field. By bridging precision manufacturing and digitalization, we develop disruptive biosystems that bring the lab to the patient and vice versa. From our advanced biosafety level 2 labs, we leverage cutting-edge technologies like cell microsystems, biomonitoring, lab automation, and AI to create impactful solutions. Our work narrows the gap between applied sciences and industrialization, enabling standardization and advancements for personalized medicine, diagnostics, and advancements in regenerative medicine. CSEM’s tools for life sciences innovation are unlocking new possibilities in healthcare.


About Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area

The Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area a place where you can shape the future. It is part of Switzerland Innovation’s network of science parks and has three sites: Main Campus, Novartis Campus and Jura. Each site of the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area is strategically designed to support specific sectors, enabling tailored support, resources, and networking opportunities for startups and established companies. This differentiation allows focused growth and development in key areas of innovation, contributing significantly to the region’s reputation as a leading global hub for healthcare, life sciences, and technology.



  • 09:30 – 10:00 Registration
  • 10:00 – 10:30 Welcome by TEDD, UPM, CSEM
  • 10:30 – 11:50 Talks by UPM, CSEM, and Partners
  • Animal-Free Strategies for 3D Culture in Drug Discovery and Life Science Applications, Essi Niemi and Marlies Mürnseer, UPM
  • Tumor Organoids in Liver Cancer Drug Discovery: The New Frontier, Dr. Sandro Nuciforo, University of Basel
  • Enabling technologies empowering innovation in tissue engineering and cell assays – from organoids to single cells, Dr. Stéphanie Boder-Pasche, CSEM
  • Navigating Standardization and Automation in Cell Biology: Balancing Versatility and Customization, Dr. Nadine Thaler, Hamilton
  • 11:50 – 12:00 Group photo
  • 12:00 – 13:30 Lunch
  • 13:30 – 15:00 CSEM Lab Tours, UPM Biomedicals Booth, and Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area – Main Campus tour
  • 15:00 – 15:15 Closing words by TEDD, UPM, CSEM



Essi Niemi, UPM essi.niemi@upm.com

Marlies Mürnseer, UPM marlies.murnseer@upm.com

Felix Kurth, CSEM felix.kurth@csem.ch

Gilles Weder, CSEM gilles.weder@csem.ch

Christoph Joder, CSEM christoph.joder@csem.ch

Markus Rimann, TEDD markus.rimann@zhaw.ch

Katarzyna Kopanska, TEDD katarzyna.kopanska@zhaw.ch


TEDD Partners (two participants) - no entrance fee
3rd and next TEDD Partner - CHF 40
Others - CHF 80


Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area AG
Hegenheimermattweg 167A
4123 Allschwil, Switzerland

From Basel SBB Railway Station (approx. 20 min.)

  • Bus No. 48 direction Bachgraben (the bus leaves behind the airport bus No. 50)
  • Get off the bus at the bus stop “Kreuzstrasse”
  • Walk down Hegenheimermattweg to the Main Campus
  • Enter the inner courtyard/park and walk to entrance A

Car park

  • Public car park at Kreuzstrasse 4


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