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Projektleiter/in : Vania Guera

Projektteam : Maren Lübcke

Projektstatus : abgeschlossen

Drittmittelgeber : EU

Kontaktperson : Prof. Dr. Claude Müller Werder


Public administrations (PA) need to cope with various challenges: new regulations, an aging workforce and the need for adopting their new technologies. Technology-enhanced learning (TEL) represents thus a sensible option notably for rural local governments (RLG) that need to keep up with such changing environments, but do have limited access to training courses. From interviews of a pre-study with RLG in 5 European countries we learnt that obstacles are mainly connected with a lack of training plans in work processes. There are deficiencies in communication and collaboration skills despite regular use of computer and mobile devices.

ZID is one of 10 partners of this EU FP7-ICT Project, taking care for the research and development regarding e-literacy.