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Control Engineering & Advanced Control

The research area

Autopilots in planes, motor management in cars, cooling or heating systems... controlled systems are omnipresent in both everyday life and industrial environments. Wherever something needs to automatically react to certain measurements, the solution involves a controlled system of some kind.

The quality of a mechatronic system typically depends on an optimal interaction between its components (mechanics, actors, sensors and control units). The focus of the IMS' control engineering research area therefore is on the detailed mathematical mapping of systems, as well as on the elaboration of adequate algorithms for industrial applications. The staff's wealth of experience as well as a wide range of highly developed tools provide the necessary basis for both continuous optimization of existing systems and the early mapping and improvement of new solutions.

Focus of the research area

Projects in Control Engineering & Advanced Control


In the EU project HumanTech, the IMS works together with European partners on the further development of digital technologies for the construction industry. The focus is on the automated data flow from digital measurements on buildings and bridges to the BIM model. Automated data collection and processing using standardized position markers is demonstrated using the example of the technical center building.

BIMprove, the digital twin for the construction site

Of course, modern information technology has long been used on construction sites. In this EU project, the already widespread BIM technology (Building Information Modeling) is to be extended by a dynamic component, namely the digital twin:

XoSoft: Soft-Exoskeleton for Human Beings with Movement Impairments

In cooperation with European partners the IMS is developing a soft-exoskeleton for people with movement impairments. The material used should be adaptive and stiffening depending on the type of movement. More information

DIWA - Drone Interaction with Animals

The DIWA - Drone Interaction with Animals project is within the field of wildlife management. This feasibility study, supported by the CTI is being used to assess the extent to which example groups such as hunting administrators, wildlife biologists and hunters can be supported in their work. More information

AKTIVAL: Electro-Mechanical Valve for Piston Compressors

The IMS and Burckhardt Compression AG cooperated to develop the first actively controlled valve for piston compressors. More information

New Drive: Test rig for pitman arm shafts and steering columns

In close cooperation with the companies Oehri Electronic AG and ThyssenKrupp Presta, the IMS is developing a modular, highly integrated test rig for pitman arm shafts and steering columns. More information