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City of Wil

23,800 inhabitants; smart city initiative, implemented by Technische Betriebe Wil (TBW), politics and city administration

The city of Wil in the canton of St.Gallen has carried the "Energy City" label since 1998 and has set itself the goal of becoming an "Energy City Gold" by 2022. At the same time, the living and economic area is to be made more attractive. In order to achieve these goals, the city parliament decided to launch a Smart City Initiative in 2018. Prior to this, positive experiences with the "Energy Game" of TB Wil were gathered over a period of four years, which sensitises the population in a playful way to issues relating to energy-saving measures and sustainable mobility.

Smart City Initiative Wil: For the Smart City Initiative, the population should be actively involved from the outset in the identification of requirements and planning. In a first step, different online and offline survey formats were used, such as surveys, focus groups for young people and senior citizens, Smart Community Dialogue or perspective discussions for private individuals as well as own surveys for companies. The aim of this survey was to prioritize within the 6 areas of the Smart City Wheel. As a second step, the city administration, municipal service providers and experts were also interviewed in order to obtain a comprehensive overall picture. The aim of these surveys was to develop concrete measures and indicators. At the end of the consultation process, the findings were evaluated and the vision, strategy and appropriate measures for Wil were defined. The priorities thus developed were presented to the City Council in late summer 2019.

Contact person:

Stefan Grötzinger

Energy Officer Technical Operations city of Wil