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Human Factors

"Safe and efficient working practices are paramount in aviation. The Human Factors team is dedicated to this approach through the targeted investigation of operators and the development of suitable methods for supporting the workforce."

Dr. Ruth Häusler, Team Leader Human Factors

Field of Expertise

With the increasing complexity of systems used in aviation, the complexity of tasks and requirements for people is also increasing. Therefore, the Human Factors unit is concerned with the observation of human performance in various branches of aviation and the development of training tools and methods to support and relieve people in their work. For this purpose, subjective (surveys, observations, etc.) as well as objective measurement methods (e.g. eye tracking, biometric measurements, reaction measurements) are adapted to the respective work area and used in close cooperation with operators, the management, safety specialists and engineers. To enhance safety, efficiency and mission effectiveness, the knowledge gained flows directly into the design, guidelines, procedures and training. As a result, the Human Factors unit offers direct and adapted solutions.


The human factors team can offer you the following services:

Laboratory Equipment

The human factors team has the direct responsibility to operate, maintain and develop the following laboratory equipment:

Examples of Projects

The following example projects are or have been carried out by human factors team: