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Project example: Portable LED Flasher

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The total nominal capacity of all modules in a solar power plant determines the amount of electricity produced annually. If some of the solar modules no longer meet the rated capacities guaranteed by the manufacturer, this decreases the value of the solar power plant. The Portable LED Flasher is a cost-effective method for locating the respective modules in the field. Measuring the rated performance can be used to fully document the overall performance of the solar power plant. 


Module manufacturers typically will only provide a replacement or financial compensation if the value is considerably and demonstrably below the rated capacity. The Portable LED Flasher can deliver the proof at a low cost. A solar module can be measured for under €10. This is because with this measuring method, the modules do not need to be uninstalled. This also eliminates potential damage associated with uninstalling the modules as otherwise required.

Another advantage is having the nominal capacity measurement immediately after the flash. With this measuring method, only the respective line will suffer a brief, negligible loss. Measurement with the Portable LED Flasher can be supported with additional reference measurements on a select few modules. These are performed at an external certified laboratory. In addition, a procedure developed at IEFE can test the function of the bypass diodes on the photovoltaic modules.

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