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MSc degree programme at the Institute of Data Analysis and Process Design (IDP)

The IDP offers its MSc degree programme as part of the Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) with profiles in Aviation, Business Engineering and Data Science.

Business Engineering

A study programme with the Business Engineering profile enables students to develop, produce and distribute innovative products and services, as well as to improve processes and business models. Students take account of quality, risk management and life cycle aspects and are able to make targeted use of management information systems, tools that provide support during decision-making processes and quantitative methods for the analysis of business and production processes, markets and customers.

Further information on the MSE in Business Engineering

Data Science

The MSE in Data Science is based on the three pillars of Data Engineering, Data Analytics and Data Services. At the IDP, you have the opportunity to specialise in Data Analytics and Data Services. In Data Analytics, the focus is placed on the application of statistical data analysis, as well as machine and deep learning. The Data Services focus area involves dealing with challenges or improving the situation in companies by using data-driven services and developing such services.

MSE students at the IDP are personally supervised by senior scientists and can choose from a wide range of topic areas:

MSE students at ZHAW have the opportunity to work as scientific assistants alongside their studies and thus participate to research projects. Contact us if you are interested in collaborating with us.


In the module browser, you can find the central modules (context modules [CMs], extended fundamental theoretical principles [FTPs] and technical scientific specialisation modules [TSMs]).

The institute (in some cases on an inter-institute basis) also offers the following decentralised specialisation modules (EVA):

MSc theses