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Admission requirements


Admission with a Swiss vocational baccalaureate

Candidates holding a vocational baccalaureate recognised by the Swiss Confederation who have also completed basic vocational training in a profession related to their chosen study discipline are eligible for admission. Candidates who have completed a commercial apprenticeship are recommended to attend a bridging course (for examples, see Candidates wishing to study Computer Science should also take a convergence course in programming.

Note: a completed commercial apprenticeship is not a sufficient qualification for admission to the bachelor degree programmes in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Systems Engineering.

Admission with a diploma from a Swiss higher specialised secondary school (in German, “Höhere Fachschule”) or a Swiss specialist baccalaureate (in German, “Fachmaturität”)

Holders of a diploma from a Swiss higher specialised secondary school (in German, “Höhere Fachschule”) with a federally recognized HF diploma and at least one year of work experience in a profession related to the course.

Holders of a federal specialist certificate (professional examination) related to the course are admitted to the course.

Authorisation with supplementary professional experience

Candidates holding a school leaving certificate must provide evidence of completing a professional internship of at least 12 months before commencing a bachelor programme. If you lack this practical experience, the Youth2Engineers program offers you a entry level. You complete a two-month pre-study internship at the ZHAW School of Engineering, followed by a ten-month internship in a company.

Work-study Bachelor’s degree programme
To be admitted to the practice-integrated Bachelor programme, the student must have a training contract (= internship contract) with a company, as well as the school-leaving certificate.

Additional conditions concerning permission to study

Candidates not fulfilling the above requirements are kindly requested to contact the study programme secretariat (

Admission with foreign diploma

Candidates who have completed their school career entirely or partially in other countries must submit the following documents in addition to the application form:

It is the responsibility of the candidate to provide evidence that the conditions for their admission have been fulfilled.

Fact Sheet for Study Candidates from Abroad