«Our instructors are mainly from the world of business and carry our research and development projects with industry partners. The results are integrated directly into the curriculum and guarantee a contemporary and practice-oriented course of study»

Prof. Dr. Thomas Järmann, Head of Academic Programmes

Study at the ZHAW School of Engineering

Some 2'000 students cannot be wrong: studying at the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences School of Engineering is attractive, theoretical and practice-oriented. With eight Bachelor's degree programmes and a Master of Science in Engineering, we offer everything you need for a successful career as an engineer.

Bachelor's degree programmes

The range of courses is geared towards the needs of the economy and provides a scientifically sound engineering education with a high degree of practical relevance and an interdisciplinary approach. The ZHAW School of Engineering offers a broad choice of Bachelor's degree programmes and specialisations, some of which are not offered by any other institution in Switzerland.

Study - an overview

Master's degree programme

The best Bachelor students who have completed a Bachelor's degree with an A or B grade have the opportunity to pursue a Master of Science in Engineering (MSE). The Master's degree is the highest academic university degree. It opens up considerable career prospects and represents a continuation of your academic career.

International office

The ZHAW School of Engineering has been supporting and promoting national and international student exchanges with other universities for many years. The relationships with partner institutions are developed in a continual and selective manner.

Engineers are working increasingly often in international teams. Students, professors and staff members should therefore gather experience abroad and profit from the influence of international visitors in Winterthur. This is because we want to optimally prepare our graduates for a career in a global economy.