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NoTeS Training in ATM

Simulation-basiertes NoTeS Training

NoTeS Training emodies a simulation-based non-technical skills training for air traffic controllers. The training combines theoretical background about human factors with the training of scenarios in a simulation. Furthermore, the training comprises support material for briefings and debriefings as well as an instructor training. The use of simulation-based methods allows an active learning environment that reinforces transfer processes from training to real work settings of controllers, an adaptation to changing training contents and thus guarantees an innovative approach to flight safety.

Project Description

"NoTeS Training in ATM" embodies an innovative simulation-based training for the systematic development and preservation of non-technical skills, important for the job as an air traffic controller. For the training development, new approaches from research on training and human factors as well as operational expertise were used. NoTeS Training comprises seven modules (situation awareness, decision making, stress and workload management, communication, team work, threat and error management, and fatigue management) with various difficulty levels. One module includes:


At a glance

  • Involved Institutes and Centres: Center for Aviation (ZAV)
  • Project Lead: Chiara Knecht
  • Project Team:  Céline Mühlethaler, Yvonne Brutschy, Ruth Häusler, Sandro Covi, Giulio Nisoli, Yolanda Schütz
  • Project Partner: Skyguide
  • Project duration:  2 years, development completed
  • More information:  Radar Operation Simulator & Editor