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New DLP Printer in the Laboratory of Ceramic Materials IMPE

The IMPE has been actively participating in the dynamic development of new technologies and applications of ceramic materials using additive manufacturing for several years.

For this purpose, various technologies such as binder jetting, thermoplastic or paste extrusion and digital light processing have been installed and are being continuously developed. An Admaflex 130 printer was installed as the laboratory's latest flagship in this area. This is a professional DLP printer that can build up a wide variety of ceramic materials layer by layer into complex shapes via photopolymerization of light-sensitive resins filled with ceramic particles.

Prof. Dr. Dirk Penner, Head of the Laboratory of Ceramic Materials, is convinced that this investment will pave the way for further material innovations and exciting technological developments. Future applications are primarily in functional components in the fields of medical technology, chemical technology and process engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.