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"Our research and development begins where economic and social needs exist. Our institutes and centres work on innovative solutions together with industry and business partners."

Prof. Dr. Jürg Meier, Research & Development

Research and development with an interdisciplinary approach

The current needs of industry and society determine the research priorities of the ZHAW School of Engineering. Innovative, research-based solutions are developed in cooperation with business partners and institutions, with 13 specialised institutes and centres collaborating in an interdisciplinary manner. Practice-oriented research is carried out for the most part in the fields of energy, mobility, information and health. With projects in alternative energy conversion, medical technology and transport studies, we are making an important contribution in fields of research relevant to the future Students also benefit from cooperation with business partners: they collaborate on current projects and gain from the close dovetailing of research and teaching. Practically relevant and application-oriented dissertations are an important component of the training scheme at the ZHAW School of Engineering.

Research field energy

In the field of energy research, the ZHAW School of Engineering delves into all of the topics related to sustainable energy systems. This includes projects on energy efficiency, networks, load management, energy recovery, storage and renewable energies. In addition, operational and economic aspects, such as life-cycle management and the efficient running of energy power plants, as well as social and behaviour-related aspects, also play an important role. With its numerous projects, the School of Engineering contributes to new energy-efficient and intelligent systems, procedures, processes and plants, and this know-how is then passed on to students and project partners.

"The investigations conducted by the ZHAW School of Engineering enabled us to assess the potential of AGILE technology for the first time. The data we obtained are now crucial for the next step in this innovative project."

Patrick Richter, CEO Agile Wind Power AG

Research field mobility

The mobility of people and goods is a central research area at the ZHAW School of Engineering. Modelling and controlling traffic flows, transport and regional development, supply chain management and the interaction between humans and machines are given a special focus. Further topics include megatrends in transportation such as innovative vehicle and mobility concepts, modern navigation and automation for driverless vehicles, efficiency concepts for the sustainability of mobility systems, maintenance and optimisation of transportation infrastructure, and pricing and product design in the mobility sector. Future requirements for technology, and mobility and transport systems are also taken into consideration.

"Sinet is the result of several years of very successful cooperation due to the willingness of the ZHAW School of Engineering to combine research knowledge with the industry partner’s application-specific knowledge. The result has convinced rail customers, and initial projects are already being implemented at SBB."

Anton Reichlin, Project Manager Siemens Schweiz AG

Research field information

Modern society is shaped and influenced by information. An important field of activity at the ZHAW School of Engineering is the technical aspect of how to deal with this information. The competences range from the recording of data and information, its transmission, networking and digitalisation, to its processing, analysis, interpretation and presentation. Security-critical issues are also dealt with. In addition, the School of Engineering is involved in the development of information systems, their interaction and the internet of things. Other research activities take place in the fields of Data Science, Information Retrieval and Big Data, in the shape of ICT-based services and data-protected, mathematical analyses, and the modelling of developments in the business and financial sectors.

Research field health

In the field of medical research, the ZHAW School of Engineering places its focus on medical robotics, biomechanics, medical physics and biophysics – whether it is simplifying operations in complex settings, developing patient-supportive systems or medical imaging and instrumentation. It is also involved in technological developments for health maintenance and prevention, the further development of diagnostic procedures, general physical aspects and radiation therapy.

"The shoulder simulator is a typical example of productive cooperation with the biomechanics team at the ZHAW School of Engineering. Both sides have contributed to the project and learned from each other. This has enabled us to analyse the content of clinical issues quickly and easily."

Georg Osterhoff, Senior Doctor at Zurich University Hospital

An overview of Research & Development