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Working at the ZHAW

The ZHAW employs about 3,000 people of 49 different nationalities. Staff members appreciate our exciting working environment and the opportunities for independence and creativity it provides. Our three locations – in Winterthur, Zurich and Wädenswil – also offer a high quality of life.

The ZHAW as an employer

The ZHAW is one of the largest multi-disciplinary universities of applied sciences in Switzerland with a staff of about 3,000 engaged in teaching, research, continuing education, business services and consulting. The ZHAW has eight Schools, which focus on practice-oriented programmes of study and conduct disciplinary and interdisciplinary research with partners from industry, business and the public sector. Our three locations are all part of the «Greater Zurich Area», which is known for its economic strength and stability. They offer a high quality of life and have good public transport connections.

The ZHAW aspires to employ qualified, motivated and performance-oriented staff in leadership and non-leadership positions and to create an environment which is able to secure, foster and retain such people. We offer working conditions and terms of employment commensurate with higher education institutions, and we actively promote our staff’s personal development. Our university culture is based on personal responsibility, creativity, reflective competences, conflict-resolution ability, respect for others, dialogue, participation, equal opportunities and diversity.

What staff members say about the ZHAW

If you are interested in gaining an insight into the ZHAW working world, please take a look at the profiles of lecturers, researchers, research associates and assistants, and technical and administrative staff here.

Picture of Imke Knafla
“I am particularly interested in strategic processes and in the broader context.”

Imke Knafla, Head of the Psychological Counselling Center for students and employees, School of Applied Psychology

Picture of Gabriela Nagel
“It’s lovely to work in an atmosphere where something new is being developed.”

Gabriela Nagel, Head of the Institute for Financial Management, School of Management and Law

Picture of Susanne Schützelhofer
“I have to set processes in motion.”

Susanne Schützelhofer, Assistant to the management of the Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice Unit, School of Health Professions

Apprenticeships at the ZHAW

For the year 2018, we are offering apprenticeships for school-leavers in various professions and in different locations. Please note that these apprenticeships are designed for German Speakers.

Continuing professional development

ZHAW staff engaged in teaching and research continually further their knowledge in their area of expertise, and we facilitate and promote internal and external continuing professional development for all our staff members. Our internal CPD programme is revised every year and includes over 100 different offers. All our staff also have various opportunities to attend presentations, panel discussions, after-work lectures, panel lunches and other events.

Complex organisations such as universities pose many challenges for their management staff. In order to help our managers meet these challenges, we offer our own training scheme designed to develop a management culture which responds to the specific needs of the ZHAW.

Encouraging young scientists

At the ZHAW, we encourage our young scientists on all levels focussing on their specific academic field. Those who conduct high-quality, internationally recognised independent Research have the opportunity to pursue their academic careers at PhD level in cooperation with other universities in Switzerland and abroad.

Staff mobility

ZHAW staff have strong links to their international scientific communities and partners in industry and business, and they make use of their international contacts to seek collegial advice and support for their academic research and activities. Internationally mobile employees are the drivers of internationalisation at universities. The ZHAW promotes staff mobility for lecturers, research associates and assistants and for technical and operational staff for limited periods of time at one of our partner universities. These opportunities for reciprocal exchange are not just a key element in promoting the quality of our teaching and research, but also essential in fostering student mobility and the internationalisation of our curricula. Having access to international research consortia allows young scientists to establish valuable international contacts and gain important experience.

All ZHAW employees have the same opportunities

The ZHAW wants all employees to have a good work-life balance. If you are responsible for looking after children or caring for family members, the ZHAW will help to find a flexible solution which will allow you to reconcile your professional and family commitments. The ZHAW helps its employees to find childcare places and provides income-based subsidies for nursery fees. It also encourages mobile working.

The ZHAW has a diverse workforce: our employees perceive things in different ways, think differently and act differently. They come from different countries, belong to different religious communities and represent different cultural and social experiences. The ZHAW benefits from this diversity and makes every effort to ensure that nobody suffers discrimination due to his/her origin, gender, age, language, social position, way of life, beliefs or needs.