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Information and Cyber Security

Cyber security is the foundation of a secure digital world. In the MSE profile Information and Cyber Security you will acquire the necessary competencies to securely drive digitalization forward.

Professional career outline

Security has become a field where both deep and wide knowledge of a variety of fields is needed to advance. Graduates in the MSE Information and Cyber Security profile can expect to get a head start in some of the most important security-relevant areas. This will qualify them for a number of demanding positions in security including research and development, engineering, operations, and management.

Profile contents

In Information and Cyber Security you will acquire knowledge in the following areas:

Institutes and centres

Applying for the MSE you chose an institute to study Information and Cyber Security. Each institute has its own focus.

Institute of Computer Science (InIT)

Institute of Embedded Systems (InES)


Professional skills

In our Master's programme, you gain a robust set of practical skills vital for navigating the Information and Cyber Security landscape. From building a strong foundation in cybersecurity basics to hands-on experience in ethical hacking, you become skilled in crafting and operating secure systems. With insights into applied research, you become cybersecurity professionals that are well-prepared to tackle the challenges of todays swiftly evolving digital landscape.

Recommended modules

Technical Scientific Specialisation (TSM):

Fundamental Theoretical Principles (FTP):

Context Modules (CM):

Differentiation to bachelor level

While in the Bachelor studies most students focus on general computer science topics, the Information and Cyber Security profile offers you a specialisation in cyber security. The Master's programme combines practical work in the form of student theses with solid theoretical foundations through lectures.

Additional information

Information events and application

Study Application

Registrations for the autumn semester (starting in September) are possible from the beginning of February until the end of April. For the spring semester of the next year (starting in February) from the beginning of August until the end of October.