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Cost overview

Description Frequency Costs
Enrolment process one-time CHF 100
Course fee for the Bachelor and Master's programmes including a flat-rate examination fee per semester CHF 720
Membership fee of the Academic Sports Association of Zurich (ASVZ) per semester CHF 30
Membership fee of the student union (VSZHAW) per semester CHF 12

Special costs

Description Frequency Costs
Flat-rate semester fee for students on leave** per semester CHF 300
Additional course fee for all students who are residing in Switzerland for the purposes of their studies and who cannot provide evidence of residence in Switzerland at the time of starting their studies per semester CHF 500
Educational materials and excursions (each bachelor's degree programme different) per semester CHF 100–200
Notebook one time individually

Subject to change

** Students on leave pay a fee of CHF 300 for a mail account, campus card, library usage and general administration. In return, they are exempted from the course fee.


You require a Notebook for the study programme. We will assist you in acquiring one.