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MSc degree programme at the Centre for Aviation

At the Centre for Aviation, students are given the opportunity to enhance their training profile with a Master of Science in Engineering (MSE). In addition to in-depth theoretical training, students are also able to participate actively in scientific discourse.

MSE in Aviation

Switzerland’s only Master of Science in Engineering with a specialisation in Aviation offers an MSc degree programme in engineering that includes all three fields of expertise of the Centre for Aviation (Air Vehicle Design and Technology, Aviation Infrastructure and Atmospheric Research und Humans in Safety Critical Systems). In terms of content, emphasis is placed on subjects such as infrastructure and future mobility, advanced aircraft system design and systems engineering, as well as complexity and innovation. A strong practical focus is applied across the entire MSE study programme.

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MSE in Business Engineering

The Business Engineering specialist area focuses on the analysis, design and optimisation of information, material and value flows. In terms of content, the focus is placed on topics such as business process management, operations management and analytics or supply network management. A strong reference to aviation is particularly evident in aviation-related project theses and the MSc thesis.

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In the module browser, you can find the central modules (context modules [CMs], extended fundamental theoretical principles [FTPs] and technical scientific specialisation modules [TSMs]).

The Centre for Aviation offers the following TSM modules, which are specifically tailored to the MSE Aviation profile. 

Information events and application

Information events

Study Application

Registrations for the autumn semester (starting in September) are possible from the beginning of February until the end of April. For the spring semester of the next year (starting in February) from the beginning of August until the end of October.

MSc theses

During the programme at the Centre for Aviation, MSc students write two project theses and an MSc thesis. These theses are supervised by one of our lecturers and address strategically important research questions for the Centre.

MSc thesis: Flight simulation model from flight test data

The dynamic behaviour of an aircraft, as well as the forces on the flight control that can be felt by pilots, can be represented using flight simulation models. These are based on mathematical formulations that are usually parameterised using wind tunnel and flight test data. Within the framework of an MSc thesis, an innovative approach was used that models aerodynamics using generalised additive models (GAMs) from flight test data.

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MSc thesis: Large-eddy simulation of turbulence in the approach sector of an airfield

Yverdon Airport is well-known for the occurrence of turbulence during take-off in a south-westerly direction or landing from the same direction, where the terrain is crossed by high rows of trees acting as windbreaks. In this MSc thesis, this turbulence is reproduced with large-eddy simulations so that the impact of these air movements on aircraft can be better understood.

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