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2024 Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society for Biomedical Engineering (SSBE)

Zurich University of Applied Sciences, School of Engineering, Winterthur, Switzerland - September 5th, 2024

The 2024 Annual Meeting of the SSBE is a one-day event for exchange between experts from academia, industry, and clinics. The Society promotes contacts between members and people interested in the field of biomedical engineering such as engineers, physicists, natural scientists and medical doctors. The scientific sessions will focus on current topics in medical technologies and will be accompanied by keynote presentations. An interactive poster session is an integrative part in the event.


Thursday, September 5th, 2024


The conference will take place at the School of Engineering at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Host Institution is the Biomechanics Group of the IMES Institute of Mechanical Systems.

Biomechanical Engineering | ZHAW Institute of Mechanical Systems IMES

The venue is located 300m from the train station (5 min walking distance).

SSBE Research & Student Awards

The Annual Meeting will feature a special session where short-listed candidates for the SSBE Student Award and SSBE Research Award will present their work.

Details and submission deadline will be presented soon.

Link to SSBE

Research & Student Awards


Abstract deadline

Abstract deadline will be announced soon (approx. beginning of July, 2024).


If you would like to sponsor this event, please contact us.

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