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Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)

Function: Bidirectionally chargeable batteries of electric and hybrid vehicles, which can not only draw energy from the grid but also feed it into it, become a building block of an intelligent energy system.

Advantages: V2G systems enable intelligent sector coupling - in this context, this is understood to mean the combination of the traditionally separate sectors of energy and mobility. In private households or on sites, V2G can be used to bridge a power outage or for intelligent control of power production and consumption.V2G technology also makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions from individual mobility, cushion load and production peaks of electrical energy and offers potential business areas in B2C as well as in B2B. In general, the intermediate storage of electricity is (still) lossy and (also still) places a heavy burden on the life cycle of batteries. A clever energy management system, as made possible by V2G, is therefore a must.

Pilot projects: Hagen/D, Utrecht/NL, Porto Santo/PT, Erlenmatt Ost in Basel/CH