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Applied Complex Systems Science

Mission statement

ACSS is a research group devoted to the study of complex socio – technological systems. We employ a variety of mathematical and physical tools with a focus on statistical mechanics, artificial intelligence, bio – inspired and evolutionary engineering. We believe that bringing modern mathematics into the realm of engineering is key to the development of the Swiss economy and the progress towards a sustainable and human – centered technology.

Our main aspiration lies in applications. To us, the usual distinction between fundamental and applied sciences implies that in fundamental sciences, the internal workings of a system are studied under laboratory, means deliberately simple conditions. Applied sciences focus on the question how these systems interact with a more complex environment and how knowledge about these interactions can be exploited in an industrial and/or societal setting.  

We are convinced that the development of science and technology is an interactive process. This means that on one hand, science advances all sorts of human endeavors. On the other hand, the contact with real – world problems guides the development of methods and concepts into novel and fertile areas. True inter- and transdisciplinarity is still in its beginnings. This is not only about science; in ACSS, we have learned that communication beyond the borders of the narrow scientific and technological communities requires novel types of knowledge management.

Models and Simulations

Models play an important role in our studies. However, one has to be aware of the question what exactly it is that can be learned from a simulation. Simulations may serve multiple purposes:

ACSS does not stand alone. We are member of various platforms and strongly believe in the fundamental shift in scientific practice caused by the rise of data science. ACSS is very active in the ZHAW datalab and is founding member of the digital health lab.

Areas of Competence

Talks and Presentations



Group leader:
Füchslin Rudolf, Prof. Dr.

Bolt Peter
Eschle Patrik, Dr.
Flumini Dandolo, Dr.
Henrici Andreas, Dr.
Herzig Ivo
Jaeger Christian, Dr.
Künzi Raffael
Lichtensteiger Lukas, Dr.
Mingo Barba Sergio, PhD Student
Robbiani Marcello, Prof. Dr.
Schmid Nicolas, PhD Student
Schneider Johannes, Dr.
Seric Marko
Vömel Christof, Dr.
Weyland Mathias, Dr.
Zaugg Christoph, Dipl.-Math.
Ziebart Volker, Dr.
Züst Alexander


Selected Current Projects

Selected Older Projects