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Reference implementations

As an independent research institution, InES supports new technologies and helps with their introduction. Our high-quality reference implementations provide rapid and low-risk access to innovative and cost-effective solutions. Through this, we achieve an efficient technology transfer from research to products.

Theme Description    
Generic Precision Time Protocol gPTP Software Stack: Portable implementation of the TSN Standard IEEE 802.1AS-2020 for Ethernet with multi-domain and external port configuration support    
Parallel Redundancy Protocol PRPv1 Software Stack    
PROFINET easyIO, easyIRT and easyPTP
Software and IP cores for Profinet
System on Chip Tools FPGA/SoC Development Boards    
Nvidia Xavier-AGX Modular Vision System A prototyping system that can be equipped with different types of M2-footprint modules to add functions like HDMI in and out, FPD-Link III in and out, USB-c etc.    
FPD-Link III PCI Express Interface FPD-Link III is a cost-effective solution for high-speed video transmission to a combined GPU and FPGA solution    
Low Latency Audio Connection Jamulus-Direct low latency music performance application for RaspberryPi 4    
Power over Coax Video Link Power over Coax FPD-Link III Link Streaming Adapter for Raspberry PI CSI-Interface    
Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless sensor with associated smartphone App    
Synchronous Mesh Network based on LoRa Provides low power wireless access to nodes located deep-indoor or underground, e.g. in sewage systems