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Institute of Applied Mathematics and Physics


The staff of IAMP form an interdisciplinary team, which solves complex problems with and for partners from business, science and politics in applied research projects, and which applies and passes on its expertise, for consultancy and services as well as for education and further training.
In doing this, IAMP focuses on five main areas of research:


The IAMP was founded in 2009 as a centre of Applied Mathematics and Physics and is the result of the merger of the former centres of Mathematics and Physics.

The IAMP receives financing from project income, funding (such as the EU, CTI, SNF, foundations), remuneration for teaching and continuing education activities.

Excellent networking with other institutes complemented by the competences of the focus areas enable interdisciplinary projects to be carried out.

Course of Study
Instruction at the School of Engineering plays an important role at the IAMP. In the Bachelor programmes, mathematics and physics are the basis of the engineering training and are firmly anchored in some of the course majors as well. Mathematics instruction during the first two years of study includes areas such as analysis, linear algebra, numerics and discrete mathematics. Elective subjects are offered in the later semesters. Physics instruction covers the classic topics and the area of dynamic systems and systems science. Optics and physical biomedicine as well as the subject of functional safety are taught as majors.

Professors at the IAMP oversee project and bachelor theses, provide instruction for the project tracks, offer lectures in the area of general education and are actively involved in the development of new teaching methods and the corresponding infrastructure, such as studio instruction.

The IAMP participates in the instruction of the technical university-wide Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) (page in German). The IAMP forms the "Computational Engineering" Master Research Unit together with the Institute of Computational Physics and the Institute for Energy Systems and Fluid Engineering.

Events, Continuing Education Courses, and Expert Seminars 
In context with the focus areas of research the IAMP organizes and provides events, continuing education courses, and expert seminars.


At one glance

Focus areas of research and development:
Applied Optics (site in German)
Applied Complex Systems Science (site in German)
Safety-Critical Systems
Scientific Computing and Algorithmics
Medical Physics and Biophysics

Optic Laboratory
Functional test lab
Physics Mechanical Workshop

Technical seminar and further education:
Functional Safety Seminar (site in German)


Team (70 staff members)