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Aviation Infrastructure

"The Aviation Infrastructure team focuses on the latest technologies and processes that ensure safe and sustainable air transport. With the development of new technologies, an important contribution can be made to reducing emissions (both globally and in the vicinity of airports) while maintaining the highest level of safety."

Dr. Michael Felux, Head of research unit Aviation Infrastructure

The research unit

The Aviation Infrastructure team deals with infrastructure in the context of aviation. This includes, for example, navigation systems such as the ground-based instrument landing system ILS or the global satellite navigation system GNSS.

In order to improve safety and sustainability in aviation, noise- and emission-optimized approach procedures using satellite navigation are investigated and simulations for assessing the safety of flight procedures (Collision Risk Modeling, CRM) are performed and analyzed. The use of satellite navigation procedures and supplementary systems is not only applied in the context of classical aviation but also in new application areas such as UAV navigation.

Another research focus is the investigation of the impact of jamming on air traffic. In this context, research is being conducted on robust Communications, Navigation, Surveillance (CNS) procedures to reduce the influence of jamming.

Project examples

The following types of projects are carried out in the research unit Aviation Infrastructure:



The research unit Aviation Infrastructure has published the following papers: