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Adapting the legal bases concerning working time and rest periods for professional drivers of light and heavy passenger transport vehicles

In this ASTRA-funded research project (implementation of Motions 16.3066 Nantermod and 16.3068 Derder), the INE together with the Centre for Public Commercial Law at the ZHAW is investigating possible regulatory adjustments that will become necessary in the course of digitisation and the newly emerging (platform-based) transport services.

Initial situation and objectives

The study aims at answering the two motions Derder and Natermod and is based on a study on the regulation of the new types of transport services (Uber, Lyft, etc.). Both motions call for a review and revision of the legal basis regulating the new types of transport services. The focus here is on road traffic and labour legislation. The study should firstly be transdisciplinary and secondly build on existing scientific studies and be methodologically based on comparisons with other countries.

The Institute for Sustainable Development (INE) is primarily responsible in the project for the analysis of current technology trends and the presentation of developments in new driving services (national and international). The INE outlines possible development scenarios for Switzerland and assesses the opportunities and risks of digitisation for our future everyday mobility.

Project schedule

WP1 - Initial situation

WP2 - Current legal situation

WP3 - Approaches to the further development of Swiss regulation and proposals de lege ferenda

Possible regulatory approaches are described, analysed and evaluated according to advantages and disadvantages or opportunities and risks.

WP4 - Suggestions for answering the motion

From the evaluated regulatory seeds, a concrete regulation de lege ferenda is proposed, which can be used as a basis for answering the Natermod and Derder motions.

At a glance

Participating Institutes ZHAW:

Project Leader (ZHAW)

Staff Members ZHAW INE and Study Programme Traffic Systems:

  • Dr. Maike Scherrer, Dr. Andrea Del Duce, Dr. Thomas Sauter-Servaes, Thomas Trachsel

Project status:

  • ongoing