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Institute of Applied Information Technology

InIT at a Glance

Computer science is a main driver of digitalization and significantly determines the future of our information society. The Institute of Applied Information Technology (InIT) stands for research and development in a broad range of topics in computer science and develops practical solutions for challenging problems in cooperation with companies and university partners. Already since 2005, we have been your flexible and efficient partner with around 85 employees with backgrounds in various fields and with our modern research infrastructure.

InIT is structured into five research groups addressing various current research topics:

Our impressive track record is evidenced by an extensive list of research projects we have engaged in and scientific publications arising from our work.

For Companies and University Partners

InIT is your innovative, experienced and reliable partner for cooperation in research and development. Since its foundation in 2005, InIT has successfully participated in more than 200 national and international projects, including around 80 Innosuisse projects (formerly CTI) and around 15 EU projects.

Cooperation with InIT takes place in various ways, e.g., in the context of Innosuisse, EU, SNF, foundations, and directly financed projects. Another possibility for companies to cooperate with us is in the context of student projects at either Bachelor's or Master's level.

The company logos shown represent a selection of partners with whom we have carried out successful projects in recent years.

For Students and Talents

At InIT, young talents find the ideal environment to take their next career step.

We are looking for enthusiastic newcomers for our positions in research and development. Research assistants put innovative ideas into practice in our projects. Do you have a bachelor's degree in computer science, data science or related fields and want to help solve exciting research questions? Then you will find a new home in our five research groups.

Students, including those who wish to become students, come into contact with InIT at all levels:

For those Interested in Continuous Education

ZHAW School of Engineering also offers a wide range of continuing education opportunities, allowing you to earn a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS), a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS), or a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS). InIT contributes significantly to several of these modular continuing education programs: