Bachelor's degree programmes

Why should you begin a Bachelor degree programme?

  • You have completed an apprenticeship and are finishing your course at vocational college? And now you want to learn more!
  • You already have professional experience? You now want to expand your career chances!
  • You have the school leaving certificate? Now is the time for a technical internship!
  • The Bachelor degree programme at the School of Engineering is practical, comprehensive, and specialised; it will be excellent preparation for your later career.

Bachelor degree programme at the School of Engineering

Please note:
The bachelor degree programme in Business Information Technology is offered at the School of Management and Law. The bachelor degree programme in Environmental Engineering is offered at the School of Life Sciences and Facility Management in Wädenswil. 

Collaboration with industry partners

The institutes and centres of the School of Engineering engage in research and development projects together with industrial and business partners. You will directly benefit from this. This is because the results of the research are continually incorporated into the teaching. In the project work and Bachelor thesis, you will work on your own topics in close collaboration with industrial companies and service providers.

Yearly structure

The full-time study programme usually comprises six semesters, each involving 14 weeks of classroom teaching. The teaching is conducted primarily in the form of lectures, group teaching, exercises and laboratory training. The study programme is divided into modules which form complete learning units of one semester in length. Both required and elective modules are offered. A grade is assigned for each module. Individual modules are combined in module groups.

As soon as the first year is completed, you will receive clear feedback about the status of your studies in the form of an as-sessment. Passing this assessment is also the requirement for admission into the main study programme.

Study models

If you are already firmly established in your professional life, are responsible for family duties or are involved in a time-intensive hobby, you have the option of completing the Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Engineering and Management programmes by following a part-time study model. The programme content is equivalent to that of a full-time programme, but the length of the programme is one year longer.

With the International Profile in the Aviation, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Systems Engineering, and Engineering and Management programmes, you will begin acquiring intercultural skills while you are still studying, thanks to English-language modules, an extended stay abroad and a language certificate course. This will create the best possible opportunities for an international career in engineering.

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