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Description of Financial Model

National subsidy funds for smart city projects

Funding Organisation Funding Programme Link/Address
Swiss Federal Office of Energy Innovationsförderungsübersicht
Swiss Federal Office of Energy: ProKilowatt Förderung für die Erneuerung energieintensiver Infrastruktur
SwissEnergy Smart City Innovation Challenge SCIC
SwissEnergy Project funding for energy cities, category 1
SwissEnergy Project funding for energy cities, category 2: Cities with label Energiestadt GOLD / with declaration of intent for GOLD
SwissEnergy Joint project to promote the realization of photovoltaic systems on municipal territory
SwissEnergy Coordination Office for Sustainable Mobility (KOMO)
SwissEnergy Examples of funded projects
Support programmes of SECO, ARE, FOAG, FOEN and SFOE Support for financial assistance in the field of regional/sustainable development