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Bachelor degree programme

The lecturers at IMPE teach well-founded theoretical knowledge in the subject areas of materials science, chemistry, joining technology and process engineering to students from various degree programmes.

In the School of Engineering bachelor's degree programmes, IMPE lecturers teach courses in: Mechanical Engineering, Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Aviation, and Energy and Environmental Engineering. In addition, dedicated courses are offered for the Civil Engineering programme of the Department of Architecture, Design and Civil Engineering and the Chemistry programme of the Department of Life Sciences and Facility Management.

In the excellently equipped IMPE practical laboratories, students continuously deepen their theoretical knowledge and expand it in an application-oriented manner with practical experience.

The technical training at IMPE benefits from the synergies between research and teaching:

Bachelor degree programmes: Modules at the IMPE

The IMPE lecturers teach the following modules:

Bachelor’s degree Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor's degree Systems Engineering

Bachelor's degree Electrical Engineering

Bachelor's degree Aviation

Bachelor's degree Energy and Environmental Engineering

Bachelorstudiengang Bauingenieurwesen

Bachelor studies Chemistry