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Modelling of Transport and Spatial Systems

Due to the increasing complexity and interaction of transport and settlement systems, methods are needed to better analyse, understand, and design these systems.


Globally observable trends such as increasing urbanisation, rising population numbers and higher transport demand mean that transport and settlement systems are increasingly reaching their performance limits. Due to the strong interdependence of these systems, integrated modelling, analysis, and evaluation are therefore becoming increasingly important. This need is addressed by the research topic "Modelling of Transport and Spatial Systems". Transport and spatial systems are analysed and modelled with the aim of better designing these systems for society, the economy, and the environment.

To achieve this, we develop methods and (prototype) software tools within the framework of research projects, together with business and research partners. The methods and tools are also used in teaching. The methods developed can be assigned, among others, to the following areas: Transport and settlement planning, geographic information systems (GIS; for example, for spatial analyses, mapping, and visualisations), data analysis and statistics, traffic engineering, operations research, and simulation. Furthermore, the development and application of indicator systems plays an important role here. Where possible, freely available data (open data) and software (open-source) is used.

Some application examples from this research area are:

Selected projects

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Selected research partners