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Process Engineering

Process development and optimization

Multifunctional ChemReactor with rectification column, enlarged view
Multifunctional ChemReactor with rectification column
  • Thermal, chemical and mechanical separation processes
  • Particle production and encapsulation
  • Reaction engineering
  • Scale-up and process intensification
  • Recycling and product work-up
  • Catalytic processes and catalyst development
  • Materials and processes for energy conversion and environmental technology
  • Fuel and gas/flue gas treatment
  • Water and waste water treatment


Pilot Plants and Analytics

Pilot plant for extraction with supercritical CO2, enlarged view
Pilot plant for extraction with supercritical CO2
  • Multifunctional ChemReactor (up to 50 litres)
  • Rectification and evaporation (up to 250 litres)
  • Membrane and mechanical separation plants
  • Pilot plant for supercritical CO2 extraction
  • Thermal and Pressure Swing Adsorption
  • Ex-protected premises
  • Chemi- and physisorption (TPO, TPR, TPD, BET)
  • Process analytics: Online, inline (IR, Raman, MS, GC)


Process analytics with modulation spectroscopy, enlarged view
Process analytics with modulation spectroscopy

Powder synthesis in the range of 2 μm - 2 mm

Separation of microparticles

Extraction of natural products

Heterogeneous catalysis

Power-to-X and renewable energy sources

Reaction kinetics with FT-IR modulation spectroscopy

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC)

Desulfurization of process gas for fuel cells

Optimization of galvanic processes