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Adhesives and Polymer Materials

Synthesis and Formulation

Twin-screw extruder, enlarged view
Twin-screw extruder
  • Adhesive formulation and synthesis
    - Batch reactor for complex formulations
    - Continuous extrusion for hot melt adhesives
    - Film, pellet and powder processing
    - Tape development with slot die coating
  • Polymer compounding and extrusion
    - Reactive extrusion for modification of polymers
    - Grafting of polymers for innovative functionalization / modification
    - Thermoplastic polymer blending
    - Film production with chill roll
  • Online reaction control with IR spectroscopy
  • Functionalization of nano particles


AFM image of polystyrol emulsion, enlarged view
AFM image of polystyrol emulsion
  • Adhesive performance tests
  • Curing behavior studies
  • Thermal and mechanical analysis
  • Flow properties determination with rheological methods
  • Morphological and surface analysis


Adhesive testing (loop test), enlarged view
Adhesive testing (loop test)
  • Adhesive development
    - Formulation and process optimization of hot-melt and pressure sensitive adhesives
    - Latent reactive adhesives based on PU
    - Shrinkage of epoxy adhesives
  • Polymer development
    - Grafting of polymers for improved adhesion and compatibility studies
    - Reactive extrusion for efficient processes
    - Thermotropic polymer blends
    - Emulsion polymerization
    - Polymer degradation studies
  • Nanomodification of clay for composites