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Adhesives and Polymer Materials

The laboratory of adhesives and polymeric materials is engaged in the synthesis, formulation and characterization of plastics and adhesives and investigates and develops manufacturing processes for polymeric materials.

The development and characterization of plastics with specific requirements and the formulation of new, innovative adhesives with a special property profile are the main focus of the laboratory. In addition, damage analyses, ageing investigations and material optimisation are carried out using chemical, physical and mechanical methods. An extensive and universally usable, modern infrastructure is available for this purpose.

Synthesis and Formulation

  • Adhesive formulation and synthesis
    - Batch reactor for complex formulations
    - Continuous extrusion for hot melt adhesives
    - Film, pellet and powder processing
    - Tape development with slot die coating
  • Polymer compounding and extrusion
    - Reactive extrusion for modification of polymers
    - Grafting of polymers for innovative functionalization and modification
    - Thermoplastic polymer blending
    - Film production with chill roll
  • Online reaction control with IR spectroscopy
  • Functionalization of nano particles


  • Adhesive performance tests
  • Curing behavior studies
  • Thermal and mechanical analysis
  • Flow properties determination with rheological methods
  • Morphological and surface analysis


  • Adhesive development
    - Formulation and process optimization of hot-melt and pressure sensitive adhesives
    - Latent reactive adhesives based on PU
    - Shrinkage of epoxy adhesives
  • Polymer development
    - Grafting of polymers for improved adhesion and compatibility studies
    - Reactive extrusion for efficient processes
    - New polymeric materials through blending
    - Emulsion polymerization
    - Polymer degradation studies
    - 1K and 2K injection molding for specimen preparation