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Studying in the full-time or part-time model

You can complete the Bachelor’s degree programme in the full-time or part-time model. The degree programme takes either six or a minimum of eight semesters depending on the model selected.

Full-time degree programme

The full-time model for the Bachelor’s degree programme takes six semesters. The first two semesters together form the assessment level. Students must pass this assessment in order to be admitted to the main study programme. 

"The full-time degree programme is the right one for me, because I don’t then have to dispense with the practical side of the studies. I can apply what I have learned directly in the exciting and varied projects and practicals."

Vera Pfeiffer, full-time degree programme in Mobility Science

Part-time degree programme

In Winterthur, you can complete all nine Bachelor’s degree programmes on a part-time basis. A corresponding model is available for Computer Science in Zurich too. The programme contents are fundamentally identical to the full-time programme, with 180 ECTS credits.

The part-time degree programme is aimed primarily at those wishing to study who 

“The part-time degree programme enabled me to immediately apply what I had learned in my professional work and to expand on it. I also found switching between lectures and day-to-day work highly enriching.”

Reto Bachmann, part-time degree programme in computer science

If your professional work is in the same area as your degree studies, you can integrate part of your degree programme in your work environment. The degree programme directors recommend a maximum of 60 percent of full-time employment during tuition periods. Students can switch to the full-time degree programme at the start of any semester.

Structure of the part-time degree programme (in german)

You will generally study in Winterthur for three consecutive days per week for at least eight semesters. In addition to this daytime model, we offer a mixed model with both daytime and evening tuition in Zurich. At the end of your degree programme, you write your project and Bachelor thesis, which you can integrate in your professional work where possible.

Daytime model (Winterthur, in german)

Degree programmes in Aviation, Data Science, Electrical Engineering, Energy and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Informatics, Systems Engineering, Mobility Science and Engineering and Management. Subject to timetable modifications.

The attendance days in the 4th year depend on the module choice. However, each degree program offers the opportunity to be completed on three days of attendance, as shown above.

Part-time studies week structure (Zurich campus, in german)

A different time model is applicable for the Computer Science degree programme at the Zurich campus.