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Studying in the full-time or part-time model

You can graduate from the Bachelor's degree program in the full-time or part-time model. Depending on which you choose, the degree programme lasts six or at least eight semesters. Students who would like to concentrate exclusively on the degree programme can study in the full-time model. Students who are already anchored in professional working life, have family obligations or want to finance their studies by working can select the part-time model.

Full-time programme

The full-time model for the Bachelor's degree programme lasts six semesters. The first two semesters form the assessment level, which equips students with the mathematical-scientific and technical foundations for the different engineering disciplines. Passing this assessment is the requirement for admission into the main study programme.

The main study programme starts from the third semester and focuses on the programme-specific subjects. You create an individual profile in the entire final study year of your studies with specialisations, majors and optional subjects – this also includes the Bachelor’s thesis that you write on a selected topic, often in close cooperation with a company.

Part-time programme

The electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering and industrial engineering degree programmes can be followed in Winterthur on a part-time basis. A corresponding offer for computer science is also available in Zurich. The course content always corresponds to that of the full-time study with 180 ECTS credits.

Part-time studies can be completed while working.

This study model is primarily designed for students who

“By studying part-time, I have been able to apply and expand what I have learned in my professional work. I also found switching between lectures and my day-to-day work very enriching.”

Reto Bachmann, part-time student of Information Technology

Granting credit for professional activity

You will have the advantage of practising your profession in a working environment that corresponds to your area of study – with a recommended workload of between 50 and 70 percent (annual working time). In this way, you can integrate part of the practical activities into your workplace.

Study programme structure

You generally study on three attendance days per week for at least eight semesters. The curriculum is linked with the full-time model in the seventh and eight semesters. You end the study programme by writing your project and Bachelor thesis, which it is then possible to integrate into your professional occupation.

The semester structure generally conforms to that of the full-time study programme 

Weekly structure part-time studies (Winterthur)

Part-time studies week structure (Zurich campus)

A different time model is applicable for the Computer Science degree programme at the Zurich campus.