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Research area: Additive Manufacturing

The development of components for producing components using additive manufacturing processes requires special know-how about the possibilities of the PBF-LB/M process (powder bed fusion of metal with laser beam). Our research area focuses on additive manufacturing research in metal and new topics such as ceramic printing. Our competencies include component design (design for additive manufacturing, DfAM), additive manufacturing simulation, material and process parameter development, component manufacturing, remachining and quality control. In particular, we are researching the application of new material alloys for additive manufacturing and the production of components with complex functional integrations (design, cooling channels, surface structures). Thanks to our many years of experience in additive manufacturing processes, we know the advantages and disadvantages of the process and optimise machines, software and upstream and downstream processes.

By way of an example, we conduct research projects on the following topics:


IPP Additiv Manufacturing


Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your project ideas with us.

Stefan Czerner, Focus Manager for Additive Manufacturing


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