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Double Degree

The ZHAW School of Engineering maintains Double Degree agreements with Washington State University and Grand Valley State University that enable Master’s students to pursue a combined study programme in Switzerland and the United States and to earn both a Swiss university of applied sciences degree and a US university degree.


Grand Valley State University

The Double Degree agreement with Grand Valley State University’s Padnos College of Engineering and Computing was signed in 2019. It allows students to earn a Master of Science in Engineering from Grand Valley State University in the following profiles: Electrical and Computer Engineering, Manufacturing Operations, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, or Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering. An extension to Computer Science and Data Science is planned. The two-year Double Degree programme is aimed at full-time students. Students spend the first two semesters at the ZHAW School of Engineering and then transfer for another two semesters to Grand Valley State University, where they write their Master’s thesis. Enrollment as a part-time student is possible in principle, accordingly lengthening the duration of the programme.

Tuition fees at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) are charged in accordance with GVSU’s tuition schedule and thus may be much higher than the tuition fees charged by ZHAW. However, Grand Valley State University generally offers the prospect of a scholarship grant and a part-time job in one of its departments to help fund tuition.

Impressions of the Double Degree programme in Switzerland


Students write their Master’s thesis in English at the partner university in the United States. In the course of writing their Master’s thesis, they will be supervised by ZHAW faculty members and will receive support from faculty members of the partner university during their stay in the United States. The Master’s thesis is worth approximately 12 ECTS credits (equivalent to 6 US credits).

"The year overseas was a very good personal experience for me. I learned to adapt to a new environment and to flexibly address new challenges each day."

Dominic Thaler, graduate of the Double Degree programme and Structures Design Engineer at Aurora Swiss Aerospace
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Admissions application

To apply for enrollment, please specify your interest on the electronic MSE enrollment application form. The number of enrollees is limited.