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Energy and Environment

In order to tackle climate change sustainably, the most advanced technologies are necessary – especially in the energy sector. The MSE Energy and Environment trains engineers to meet this and more challenges and more.

Professional career outline

With the MSE Energy and Environment, you occupy a variety of positions in industry, the public and service sector. You comprehensively evaluate questions of classic and sustainable energy generation, storage and conversion as well as their distribution and demand-side management. You take into account the efficient use of natural resources and the protection of the environment.

Profile contents

The MSE Energy and Environment includes the following topics:

Institutes and centres

Applying for the MSE you chose an institute to study Energy and Environment. The institutes interpret the profiles individually.

Institute of Computational Physics (ICP)

Institute of Energy Systems and Fluid Engineering (IEFE)

Institute of Materials and Process Engineering (IMPE)

Institute of Mechatronic Systems (IMS)

Institute of Sustainable Development (INE)

Professional skills

With your comprehensive, interdisciplinary knowledge in areas such as energy, environmental and process engineering qualifies you to provide a pragmatic decision-basis for questions of energy and environmental technologies and systems. Above all, you can systematically analyse, describe, model and simulate complex technical processes across disciplines. This enables you to develop efficient and resource-saving systems and processes and, in addition, to provide sophisticated services. Your profound proficiencies enables you to work in interdisciplinary teams, to lead larger projects and to take on management tasks in the fields of energy, process and environmental technology.

Recommended modules

Technical Scientific Specialisation (TSM):

Fundamental Theoretical Principles (FTP):

Context Modules (CM):

Differentiation to bachelor level

As graduates of the MSE Energy and Environment, your in-depth specialist knowledge enables you to conduct and lead applied research and development at the forefront of the respective domain. You acquire extensive expertise in the broad topic of energy and the environment. This expanded competence enables you to integrate multidisciplinary techniques into complex energy processes and systems. The Master's programme is also strongly oriented towards developing your skills in the field of environmental protection and the implementation of sustainable processes.

Additional information

Information events and application

Study Application

Registrations for the autumn semester (starting in September) are possible from the beginning of February until the end of April. For the spring semester of the next year (starting in February) from the beginning of August until the end of October.