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Careers after the Bachelor's degree programme in Medical Informatics

Career opportunities

As a medical IT specialist, you will manage demanding IT projects at hospitals and healthcare institutions and plan and implement new IT solutions. To do so, you will analyse the needs of professionals working in the fields of medicine, nursing and administration. Your tasks will include the following:

With a very good Bachelor’s degree, you can also enrol for the in-depth Master of Science in Engineering, which is also offered in the Medical Engineering profile.  


“At the interface between medicine and informatics, medical IT specialists are valuable players in the digitisation of the healthcare sector.”

Barbara Haller, Head of ICT Business Partner Services at the Hirslanden Group

Finding a job and salary expectations after graduating

Most graduates quickly find a suitable entry-level job. The median starting salary is CHF 85,000, with the chosen industry and specialization playing a crucial role. In 2022, the median annual salary for engineers, when extrapolated to 100% full-time equivalent, is CHF 119,000. (Source: Salaries for Engineers and Architects 2022/2023)