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GNU Radio

SW-Realisation of a DAB-Receiver with GNU Radio

The purpose of this master thesis was to develop the complete signal processing of a digital audio broadcasting radio for the Center for Signal Processing and Communications Engineering. The goal was to gain more experience in the implementation of a broadband OFDM system in software defined radio (SDR) technique.

At the beginning a Matlab simulation was created to engineer step by step the OFDM signal processing of the digital audio broadcasting standard EN 300 401. This simulation can generate service information from the radio stations and play back a selected radio station by using a record of the digital ensemble "’SRG SSR D01"’.

In a second step, a digital audio broadcasting radio was programmed based on the open source GNU Radio project. Time-critical blocks were programmed in C++ and the program flow was written in Python. The output was a real time radio receiver working on a PC. The produced audio stream may be played on any music player.

(Michael Höin, 2012)