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Entrepreneurship at the School of Engineering

Innovative business ideas often originate from student projects and research initiatives. The School of Engineering supports the establishment of startups to further develop project results into market-ready products.

The Entrepreneurship Initiative of the School of Engineering specifically supports motivated students and staff members in founding their own startups with innovative ideas. Our goal is to create suitable conditions to nurture entrepreneurial passion to its fullest potential.


We promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking in teaching and research. Motivated students can deepen their business knowledge and train their entrepreneurial skills in specific modules. Students with their own business ideas receive personal support from us through a tailored mentoring program. Building on this, there is the opportunity to continue being supported by ZHAW and its mentors even after completing their studies.

Courses & Training

The ZHAW School of Engineering educates the next generation of engineers to tackle our societal challenges with technical creativity, application-oriented innovation, and entrepreneurial implementation. Throughout the program, experienced instructors with entrepreneurial backgrounds, as well as external lecturers from the start-up scene, share their expertise. The modules are designed with the premise: Learning from role models.

During the first year of study, full-time students in Aviation, Electrical Engineering, and Industrial Engineering (part-time students during the second year) can now enroll in the Entrepreneurial Profile offered by the ZHAW School of Engineering.

For more information on the Entrepreneurial Profile, please visit Entrepreneurial Profile.

Mentoring & Support

Our instructors and lecturers all bring their own experience as entrepreneurs. They provide individual support to interested students as mentors during the time leading up to (and after) the founding process through regular meetings. Mentoring can commence from the 5th semester and typically lasts for one year.

Interested students from the ZHAW School of Engineering can find more information on the intranet page.


We provide a platform for exchange and networking for young entrepreneurs, founders, and those interested.


We are NOT another platform – we align ourselves with existing programs and events! Together with the university-wide Entrepreneurship Initiative, we provide special 'deals' for ZHAW-coached startups (RUNWAY Startup Incubator, Home of Innovation, TalentKick, etc.).


Once a year, our alumni gather for the Homecoming Dinner to exchange ideas and stay connected. In a relaxed atmosphere, experiences from established entrepreneurs are shared with the younger generation, and new insights are provided to rethink the old. Many alumni also serve as mentors or engage in teaching, contributing to inspiring, educating, and guiding the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Our Start-ups

Over the past decades, students and researchers have founded a multitude of companies, creating attractive job opportunities. This ranges from local consulting services and engineering firms to globally operating enterprises.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

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