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HiSim Laboratory

Flight research in the high fidelity simulator

Laboratory- und System Description

The HiSim (High Fidelity Simulator) is a research and development flight simulator with a motion base and virtual-reality visual system.

HiSim can be used to simulate both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, such as helicopters and convertiplanes. Particularly, the motion base and the wide field-of-view provided by the virtual-reality technology make this simulator well suited for the simulation of helicopters.

Pilots will find controls for both airplanes and helicopters in the cockpit. Both kinds of controls are equipped with a control loading system (CLS) to actively simulate the control forces.

The HiSim was purchased in 2021 and was developed and produced by Loft Dynamics. The ZHAW has, in collaboration with Loft Dynamics, developed a modified variant of the simulator which allows the ZHAW full access to the individual simulator components (e.g., flight dynamics, CLS, motion base).

More about the HiSim


HiSim is used both in the ZHAW’s education programs and in research projects with external partners. The focus is on research and development of virtual- and mixed-reality technologies in flight simulators. Additionally, HiSim is used as a platform for helicopter flight simulations.